SMS marketing

Mobile Messaging

Persio's roots are in personalized communication and we do SMS marketing really well! Rich Media Messaging (RMM) is our patented messaging technology that delivers device-optimized rich content such as long text, image and video.

Want to know your customers better?
Give them the personal attention of a
direct, 1:1 conversation.


SMS single opt-in text messaging
Collect mobile
phone #

Double Opt-in

Or send double opt-in using an SMS text message and giving customers a promotion
Collect email

Drive Traffic with Smart CTAs
and Unique Links

Drive Engagement with Innovative Features

Mobile Wallet

Deliver the appropriate wallet offer based on device type

Add to Passbook or Wallet.

Coupons & Offers

Track Redemptions with unique coupon codes

Track redemptions with unique barcodes.


Use a virtual scratch off promotion for sweeps, contests or discounts

Mobile promotions and gamification.

Calendar Invites

Encourage shoppers to download a pre-populated event invite & reminder

Use SMS to drive online to offline traffic and promote in-store events.

Have 1:1 Conversation with Customers using
Natural Language Processing Technology

Persio Platform: Which pair do you like best? Send your pick and size for a chance to win. (Picture of two pairs of shoes) Natalie: The black for sure! Size *. Persio Platform: Come pick up your new shoes at your local Kicks store! (Map with location of Kicks Store) Natalie: Awesome thanks!
See customer lifetime value.



26 years old, living in Chicago, IL
Loyal brand advocate, social influencer,
loves cooking, responds to brand

Optimize User Experience with Intelligent
Handset Detection (IHD)

Optimize mobile promotions for Android. Optimize personalized marketing promotions for Windows. Optimize 1:1 personalized marketing for Apple

See how our clients are using messaging to drive business

H&M uses Persio mobile marketing Express uses Persio to drive mobile traffic into stores Avenue uses Persio for mobile promotions Stage Stores use Persio SMS marketing Ashley Stewart drives redemption with Persio text marketing