Persio Retail Marketing Saas

Tools to Empower the Digital Marketer


Create and manage promos for web, mobile messaging, app and email. Increase efficiency with drag-and-drop editing, real-time preview, and style guide application.

  • Types of Promotions
  • Offer Mobilization
  • Gamification
When we say promotion, we mean things like:



Product Promotions

Rich Content


Build connections between channels, capture new consumer data and track attribution.
Activate new users and delight existing customers with mobile scratch-offs, sweepstakes and interactive content.


Use your owned channels and first-party data more effectively to increase conversions on every interaction.


Light integration lets you publish promos, track behavior and capture opt-ins with ease

Mobile Messaging

Use SMS for customer acquisition, data capture, gamification and attribution


Leverage platform intelligence to deliver more effective promotions from your ESP


Segment and deploy offers via SDK integration with your own app, or mobile wallets


Keep the value of your customer base high by building your audience first, then creating and targeting an offer to match.


Create segments across demographic and behavioral data with real-time audience reach feedback

Tailored Audiences

Integrate existing consumer segments via manual or automatic upload for use in targeted campaigns


Personalize promotions with dynamic content and track attribution with unique coupon codes


Understand the consumer journey and target more efficiently with actionable, 360 degree profiles.

Online Data

Track behavioral and purchase data in real time

Offline Data

Integrate existing data such as CRM, POS and Loyalty

Unified ID

Capture and link first-party identifiers across channels


Determine promotion optimization through A/B testing. Pinpoint the discount level, product image or channel sequence your customers want, and watch revenue climb.


Keep the value of your customer base high by building your audience first, then creating and targeting an offer to match.

Campaign Overview

Evaluate campaign performance across audiences, channels and testing

Promotion Detail

Understand promotion conversions and consumer insights

Consumer Reporting

View consumer profiles and track individual events in the activity stream